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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pump's up so u betta Shape pup!

Ignore the title, it's totally random. If you are a Economics student, something in the line may ring a bell, a warning of what could happen - being kicked out from the class for not Actively participating in the upcoming and anticipated revision if one does not read his books.

Today, Siang went to the petrol station near his house to refuel. Siang waited for almost an hour, queuing. The situation felt to Siang like a bunch of lost men in the desert desperately waiting at the well for water. What's more pathetic is that Siang was one of them.

Siang refueled until the petrol spilled out a little. Siang was desperate, perhaps a result from watching too many Desperate Housewives during the holidays.

Siang talked to Syafiq about rising petrol prices. Syafiq poured out his resentment towards BN -Bila naik, Barang naik, Barisan Natang. Siang asked Syafiq what is natang, Syafiq told Siang it's binatang. So Siang suggested BaNatang would best express his (or our?) resentment towards that particular party.

Siang has his hair cut real short. Siang is happy with it.
Siang loves cognitive dissonance. Siang's favourite cognitive dissonance targets: "Ju Anne and Jon". Siang doesn't really understand the real meaning of cognitive dissonance but Siang has used the phrase so many times lately that it starts to sound cliché and annoying.
Siang likes the song "Leaving" by Jesse McCartney.
Siang likes Izzie from Grey's Anatomy. Izzie is such an adorable character for her tendency to be emotionally involved with others.
Siang is jobless with a lot of work >> Paradox >> literature >> English >> Chapter summaries for 23 chapters 4 Journal entries.
Siang wants to sleep now. Au revoir!

it got me home
8:36 AM

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I was chatting with Jonmah (from hamnoj.blogspot.com, now I get to say that his blog is not as lively as he has started off with). We talked about watching a lot movies and tv series during this holiday. Both of us sort of share quite an amount of stuffs: skinniness (is there such word?), fondness of cartoons, procrastination (I think he's better at it) and EE issues... Actually, not that many, haha. I wish I share 70% of his _ _ _ _ _ _ hair (sorry Jon, I do not have Faizal's superiority of vocabulary to do justice to your nice hair, =).

From the conversation, ( <<< dangling modifiers, sorry couldn't resist*) I kinda drifted off to my blog to check on my received comments. I know I am starting to get a little bit perasan and dying for attention here. What to do? It must be because of the home-staying.

*Only for peeps who share English lessons with me. If you don't get it, it's either the joke is too subtle or I am just lame.

Well, I have wanted to blog about my grocery shopping. Today, I went to JUSCO - my favourite supermarket among other hyper...duper...markets. Now they have this organic section. I immediately fell in love with the section because I am a health-conscious guy and a fan of classy packages. Those organic foods gave me this weird sensation, which was indescribable. Those olive oils, flaxseeds, manuka honey.... Just by looking at it, I felt happy and healthy. However, these organic and healthy food comes with high prices. I am more than willing to trade money for health but only with my own money. Have to save for family you see. Wish I can talk more about my attraction towards organic food but I am bad at words and writing. Next time.

And speaking of hypermarkets, I have always hated Tesco. No offence to anyone, but the things there are just not fresh and they don't even try to make them look fresh! Things refer to meat, vegetables and fruits. The bright side is that they are cheap. It's all that matters to people, with inflation rising faster than someone's mood swing*.

My most favourite place for grocery shopping has to be Cold Storage. They have so many choices of cheeses, salad dressing and other western cooking ingredients to choose from. I know I sound materialistic because the stuffs there are bloody expensive. The truth is that I like it because of the variety of choices. Blah blah I sound boring and it's late at night. Au revoir!

BTW, I notice something, all the hypermarkets which I have mentioned have something in COmmon. They all have CO in the names. COld storage, JusCO, TesCO. LOL!

Lesson of the day: I can be/am lame!

Quote of my day: Guilt is the catalyst of transformation*. (advice to all IB procrastinators)

Currently staring at my EE.

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8:37 AM

Monday, May 26, 2008

1. For starters, I made a new entry in my blog after a year, because Zahra had tagged me. What in the world was she thinking? I bet she was so blur that she forgot the blog was unofficially but OBVIOUSLY dead! Btw, I always find this tagging thingy lame, but I just need a reason for me to blog again. So there you have it, 2nd thing I bet you don't know about me.

Haha I was wondering whether I should send notification emails to everyone like what yvonne and fatin had suggested. Since any of you are reading this entry now, this doesn't really count as something you do not know about me.

So lets start no. 1 all over again. 1st thing I bet (I am betting you see, it does not hurt if you already know), you don't know about me is:

1. I did not blog because the previous blog template depresses me. It's true! (I can imagine seeing Danial's eyes rolling upwards, hearing someone's "yeah right!" and Yvonne's "I so believe you! with Chinese slang - in-econs-class joke, don't try to get it if you really want to!) Btw here's another one, please notice my parallel structure in this paragraph. =D

2. There's no number 2. It's done with. *Smart* I hope my reminder of your lousy maths (and mine) reminds you, my ib friends of your undone maths IA's (yvonne, do not perasan! definitely not talking about you)

3. I am picky. Shop with me if you want proofs. I need to screen even the simplest thing like pen for like 3-5 minutes before I actually buy it. Thumbs up for consumer right! We, consumers should all indulge ourselves in the variety of choices which free trade has brought us. So taking the time to choose is definitely using our consumer rights to the fullest, yip yip economist! Ok, I am picky. I took half an hour to scan through all the blogskins from 2006 june till today and yet couldn't find a suitable skin for my blog (all look emo and depressing). So I went with this plain skin, for the moment. Maybe I'll make myself one, which is nice and not emo.

4. I am pretty darn sarcastic and mean if I want to. My housemates, esp Amin and Amirul are usually surprised whenever I pop out something mean or sarcastic! Don't be, my friend. Do not be fooled by this geeky and nerdy cover.

5. I am not sure when will I blog again. I bet you know that already. So here's another one, I finished ugly betty season 2, desperate housewives season 4 and gossip girl (17 episodes) in 3 days. Productive huh, I know. I kinda like the story of gossip girl, even though the characters were rich brats with great looks. Maybe it's the gossips. I don't know.

There you have it, my first post after god knows how long. Do not look forward to the next one! see ya.

Lesson of the day: The dead can always come back to haunt you, like my blog (only the rising from the dead part). Do believe in ghosts. Just kidding... Lamo

it got me home
6:19 AM

Monday, May 28, 2007

Allors, my holiday started since 26 of May. On the day itself, I have surprising news from my 'idol' Yvonne The Mighty that she had finished her case study for economics. I was like :


Wow, she is The Almighty. She has my 100% respect and she made procrastinators look like ultimate losers. *Terasa*

Enough of the wonderful tales of some mutants or heroes finishing their homework, I went back to my kampung, Parit Buntar in Perak. Where the hell you might wonder ? It is near Sungai Kerian (damn dirty, can't even see your reflection, you see a pool of mud) which is the border of Perak and Kedah.

The journey was boring. There is nothing much for me to say about 3-7 hours ride in the car with sleeping and fruit snacks in between. Nevertheless, I have to mention the dizziness I always tend to get during long car rides. It is because when I am sitting in the car, there is very little movement. So the blood tends to gather at my butt and does not ventilate that well. There is not enough blood to pump to my head ( because it is in the butt ) so there is inadequate oxygen for the brain. Hence, I feel dizzy and tends to sleep. This is why I hate loooong car rides.

The next day, which is a Sunday, my family and I ate beef noodles for breakfast. It is some kind of a must-do or ritual for my family when we are in our hometown. Weird huh? I think so too. It is very hot back in my hometown. Firstly, there is no air-conditioner. Second, the old house ceiling is made up of zinc, rusty ones. The warmth and hotness have always been the reason I do not enjoy my stay in there. I'll show some of the old house pictures, LATER.

Oh I thought I should mention, my no-longer-here grandparents spoke only TEOCHEW to me back then, which I do not understand at all. Communication problem la. Haha :(

Okay, my father brought us to a fisherman village to buy fish. Haha cuz it's fresher? They are all dead when we eat it. Yet seriously when you eat it, you'll know the difference. I think I should let the pictures do the talking. They have better mouths.

Here goes :

We went by car, not boat. This is a scenery of the 'selat' from the fisherman village.

More ...

Look at the condition of the village, to all the city guys and gals out there, appreciate what you have right now even if they seem little to you.

It could have been worse, so be grateful. I am.

The villagers were categorizing their catch of fortune from the sea. Do not mind the fishy smell (from the picture), I had a hard time dealing with it when I was there.

My dad, doing the honour of holding a crab. He has this villageman spirit in him even though he is working in a city.

We definitely looked like jachoons ( or jakuns ? ) who have not seen fishes in our lives. I even laughed at myself. It's all sarah's fault, for infecting me with her 'I have to take a shoot of this' disease (definitely not through sneezing). Haha =0

The girl next to me is my sis, if you wonder. The thing I was holding is a mini shark, a dead one, if you wonder too. I do not have the guts to hold a living shark even if it is small. Just thought I should mention.

My dad's friend from kl brought us around the village. It was his hometown apparently.
We then went to the seaside. I could see endless field of green from both the car screens while on the way to the sea. It was spectacular as if they were paintings. Paddy fields with coconut trees and atap houses scattered around. You have got to see it when I know how to post videos. Coming soon...

Funny & Interesting Pictures of the Week :Roads are not built just for humans..


I caught sight of this when I was in the village.
We have Caltex, Esso, Shell, BHP, Petronas, Projet.
Do you know you have



Wow people who stops by there must be really Desperate ! Be a despo today !

Currently listening to : I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance (My all time favourite, but I am not a punk) This song is dedicated to the 2 weeks holiday that I am having, you might think I am trying to show off, but I just don't like holidays that much now after looking at the amount of work I have to do .

Lesson of the Day :

Do not pollute the environment.
Throw what you gotta throw into where you gotta throw.

Currently up to : Planning my Charity Campaign Exhibition

People I need your help. If you guys happen to know any sort of charity campaigns (Aids, child abuse, orphanage, etc) which has been going on for a while or will go on for the next few years, please be kind to send the information or maybe just the name to sianghang@gmail.com or just pm me in msn, i_shng@yahoo.com.

This exhibition is to educate people of the need to help those who are IN NEED. Sometimes the public wants to help but just do not know how, and this exhibition is all about the WAYS people can help. Thank you for your cooperation.

it got me home
7:29 AM

Thursday, May 24, 2007

No blogging does not mean my life is not happening. In fact, a lot of 'things' ( I am not supposed to use this word, says Jon S ) happened and I am really getting used to this new life of mine, I think I'm loving it. ( Para pa pa pa~ ) Wow that's lame ! At least I don't laugh at my own lame joke, which makes it even more lame ( Sorry Jon S, i think u shud perasan sikit here )

Haha, I just realized a lot of stuffs ( I am not using THINGS, wth is wrong with THINGS ) . First of all, it's been 12 days since I last blogged. That's such an achievement. It also means I have been studying like mad for my past 2 weeks exam. And this is my score :

Bio 7 Chem 7 Eng 6 Econs 6 French 5 Maths 4

Okee my bio rocks cuz I am Mr Lawrence's favourite student ( says They all ) ( I can feel Teng Lipid's cockstare through internet, it's amazing what internet can do nowadays ) ( ANYWAY sorry for all the brackets, I just want to say I LOVE TENG LIPID, the name sounds so BIO and so TENG LI YING ). As for English, I think I tried my best in squeezing all the LITERATURE juice out of my brain. It's okay but I am still not satisfied with my English, I want a 7 ! I think Harry Potter will help me with my English abit with all his lousy spells. Oh yeah, I have planned to read up ALL times, the economist, readers' digest and everyday newspaper to improve my economics, english. OKAY ~~ (Nadia) I sense your boredom.

Oh yeah French sucks like ever, Sucer vraiment ! It's so bloody hard, but then I am looking forward to the day I master that language, and go to France for vacation, isn't that cool ? Vraiment ! Oh yeah, Faizal thinks I am writing TOO LONG for a post. I think when one who is me, blogs, I must pour my heart in telling all my readers ( Do I have any ? ) all the juciy details in my life. Whatever Fai to the Zal (Nadia) ... L for Lamer !

Speaking about French, today I was talking with Amin, Amirul, Winson, Jonny Mah, Riza (Monkey), Aggie and Ju ju about Mcd. We came across ice-cream. I told them about my crave for strawberry sundae and CHOCOTOP. I was describing how I usuall enjoy FRENCH KISSING the ice-cream ( I am serious ). When the chocolate melts, you stick your tongue into the vanila start kissing it. I even suggested BR ice-cream for more exciting 'experience'. They gave me D look, and their response are :

Riza : " Why don't you just french kiss a girl ? "

Me : " The girl has no flavour. "

Riza : " Girl is tastier."

Me : " True also. But I still like strawberry." *deep down in my heart*

Alright, I guess I am such a pathetic desperado. Sarah and Ying promised to get me a girl friend. Ha ~ Ha ~ Ha ~ Thanks.

Back to EXAM, I asked Mr Pangieee to teach Higher Level Maths, hopefully everything will go alright and my plan works. Road to LSE or Cambridge will be set forth for me, I truly hope so.
Oh in case you do not know, I am having a 2 week break, Hooray ! I think I am going to turn over a new leaf during the holidays.

1. Procrastinate no more.
2. Study.
3. Yvonne is my idol. Efficiency is my motto. ( not including KIASU ness )

Old leaf > Hoop hop hoop > New Leaf

Random Exciting events in 23rd May :
1. Did bio reports with Ju Anne and Zahra. So 'exciting' !
2. Gossiped about a few people with my dear housemates and Ju anne. Wow we are such bitches ! I did not know that my housemates and ju ju have that qualities in them. Man, I'm loving my housemates, in a not-gayish way !

Just random Exciting events through out the day of 24 May :
1. Had a nice chat with Mr Sung, bodek siul .
2. Sold nasi lemak with Ju Anne.
3. Saw Yvonne, Maryam crying after their physics test.

The test was freaking hard. I was so happy, glad, grateful ( Alhamdullilah ), thankful and fortunate to have not taken Physics in the first place. Mr Sung, physics teacher, pinned the answer sheet after the exam, how bloody evil ! Everyone was so sad about it and I seriously felt like crying today when I saw their depressed faces. We even did a group hug with Amin, Riza, Winson, Jon Mah ( I think ) because of their exam. ( I know it sound gay )

4. I have not definitely forgotten what happened during Econs Class. Due to my respect for syafiq, I will not talk about how we were disgusted by him A LITTLE, how he smeared his mucuus on his bag, how he wiped it with newspaper and showcased to the class. Plus, I will not talk about the slimey texture of his mucuus as requested by my best fwen Danny, how the germs were spread in the class by sneezing, how the germs were spread to the doorknob everyday. Yet, seriously Syafiq, I hope you will take care of your sinus problem soon and take care of your own hygiene. As a guy, u're okay. As a human, u're not very hygienic. I am sorry if u are reading this, I am merely telling the truth. Hope u get well soon. Watch out for Quote of the day by Miss Harjit.

4. Walked to Petronas Station and waited for S2pid Pak Cik driver for like 1 hour. He was playing FOOTBALL ! Shit wei ! I hate him for being such an asshole ! I hope he doesnt do that again. Do not make me try and do all I can to get him JOBLESS, it's a threat ... ( Dont mess me sial, I am called Hang Yeh for a reason )

5. Had dinner at TGI Friday celebrating Kimberley & Ju Anne's birthday. It was nothing special, but I felt it is so HOMEY and FAMILY-ISH. I can see from Kim and Ju's faces that they are very touched. Anyway, pictures will be uploaded from Sarah's Gun, Ju anne's Camera and etc. I promise. Oh just tot u wud want to know, we spent like RM 853.50 . Oh my god, we are such spenders but it was worth it. We had such a great time, and I was blinded by the flashlights of Sarah's Gun. It kills, man!

6. Last but not least, I am here blogging about the day. Isnt that Interesting?

Currently listening to : Faizal's version of 'Everything' by Britney & Khairul's regular playlist which includes BSB's songs ( no comment... )

Currently hooked to : IL DIVO's songs, particularly Je Crois En Toi, Time of Our Lives, Somewhere, Por ti Sere, La vida sin Amor and etc. I am starting to love french songs.

Currently looking forward to : Watching Pirates of the BerryBean : At World's End

Currently feel like : Sleeping

Quotes of the Day and Yesterday :
Stop ostrasizing ( I dunno how to spell >.<) u people ! by Miss Harjit

Don't you dare ! I'll open the tap. It's a threat. - From me to Danny when he tries to bathe before I do.

Okee, I think I have done a great job in writing because I wrote longer than my world literature essay. Bravo & tres bien ! Adios...

P.S. I am so happy for my sis cuz she's seeing somebody. hehehe way to go sis ! and stop showing off ur spanish and french . hahaha =)

And to Firdaus, goodbye. I wish you well and luck in your future undertakings in UTP.

it got me home
8:27 AM

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bonjour, madame et monsieur. Aujord'hui je prepare pour examen. Ok, do not know how to continue. My francais seriously sucks. I think I am going to fail it just like my maths. French is top in my Most-Boring-Class list.

Anyway, this week was a disaster. I was troubled by subjects combinations. Apparently to go to Uk to study Economics, I freaking need HIGH LEVEL MATHS ! What the fish that Mr no hair (Jonathan Shaw) did not tell us ... He made me study this option :

Option 4 :
English, Economics, Biology (High Level)
Maths, French, Theatre Art (Standard Level)

* I changed theatre art to chemistry.

And the funny thing is, to study the bachelor of Economics, you do not FREAKING need ECONOMICS !! Hello ? Couldn't the IB coordinator tell us earlier ? Fuck ! ( This is a serious matter and I am using the F word to emphasize it)

What makes it worst, the option I am currently doing does not meet any entry requirements from any universities in any country to study anything ( Science or Art or Business), unless they are not strict about their admission. But Australia and UK do care ! I have checked Cambridge, London School of Economics ( Just being ambitious ), Melbourne and Australia National University, they do not give a damn about Economics, they need you to have Maths Higher Level ! Although it is ridiculous, I am more pissed by the fact that I was not told earlier. We are almost finishing our first term already ! It is my fault too for not checking out earlier.

What's the point man? These days I have been studying, but as I flipped through, the idea of my subjects SARKS & STINKS made me go crazy and NUTS ! So, I am torn (or always have been) between these available choices :

Option 1: (Engineering)
Chemistry, Physics, Maths (Higher)
English, French, Business (Standard)
* I can study anything with this option if I have a good score.

Option 2: (Medical)
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Higher)
English, French, Business (Standard)
* I can go medical or bioscience with this option. But the problemo is that I will have to mess up the whole schedule. And mr-no-hair will not be very happy. (F! and Thanks to you)

Option 3
Change English to Maths (higher level).

Well, I have the slightest idea in this world to choose. Well, i would go for the engineering option but do not have enough confidence to score with it. Physics' one hell of hard shit ! Besides, I do not wish to drop Economics, but wish to do it for Standard level. I was so troubled and lost that I made this :

I hate being such an extreme relativist. Anyway, on Friday morning (2-3 am), Danial and I were so fed up doing Econs homework assignment that we checked the IB website www.ibo.org and found out the percentage of getting 7 for every subject. Rah & Ying, only 1 % score 7 for theatre art last year, I think u guys will be among the top scorers in this , great play again ! Haha, we are so Kiasu ! But it was fun !

So sick of talking and thinking about the future. Whatever choice that I am going to make, I hope I score and stick with it and will not regret. Recently I am so hooked up to Good Charlotte " Hold on " because of all these stress and pressure *thanks to* my undesicive and greedy (don't ask) nature & Mr-no-hair. Wow I can't believe I spent so much time on blogging, gotta go. Books, here I come ! ( in a very unenthusiatic way ) *yawn*

List of 'D' most inspiring songs :

1. Hold on - Good Charlotte

2. You are loved - Josh Groban

3. We believe - Good Charlotte

4. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

5. Hero - Mariah Carey

If u guys have your own choice of inspiring songs, please feel free to share with me and the others. Sharing is caring.

p.s. to kervin : Nah, update !

Btw, I like the Dimsum King idea of yours, wei hsien. Don't give up !

Currently watching on Youtube :

'Hold on' by Good Charlotte & 'Cancer' by My Chemical Romance

Current Wish : Get over with this subject and exam crap !

it got me home
5:20 AM

Monday, May 7, 2007

Oh here I am, not studying while I am supposed to. Posts continue as promised earlier.

O.o Actually I was writing the post till half way and wanted to post a picture. But then, the most unfortunate thing happened to me, the internet explorer is NOT RESPONDING. Damn it, if it is not responding, how the hell it know it's NOT RESPONDING !??

So, I was pissed off and decided not to continue my flashback episode. Whatever... Mood spoiled. Oh here is a picture which I wanted to post on my blog, the couple (x official) , okay just a girl and a guy talking about God-only-knows stuff. I bet it's confession from the guy =) They are both petronas scholar and apparently IB students, donk.

Name : Miss J & Mr K

Crime : Talking secretly

Evidence :

Both the suspects refused to expose any insights to what they were talking about ( It's confession, confession ! ) But who cares anyway, the point is that I am such a busybody. Maybe i should learn something to gain CAS hours and fill up my jobless hours or fix my JALS ( Jobless And Lazy Syndrome ).

Lesson of the Day : Mind your own business.

Phrase/Sentence of the Day : NOT RESPONDING computer programmes should not request to shut themselve up and send never-ending error mail to NOBODY who will never give a damn about 'D' problem. They are supposed to be NOT RESPONDING. (Do not mind me, I am just being jobless)

Currently listening to : Khairul's Nagging Prayer Reminder (Sorry for the disrespect but it's kinda like ...)

Currently NOT reading : Biology reference and textbook, Economics notes and textbook, Chemistry reference and textbook, Mathematics textbook, French notes and (Literature books including Zorba the Greek, Salina, Antigone, Eight Feet Under) > all of them WERE taught by my teacher John S, and I have not touched those books yet. =)

Currently reading : Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire

it got me home
5:18 AM


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